Friday, April 18, 2014

Video: How removing one regulation created hundreds of jobs in Mississippi

Who would think that you would need a full cosmetology license just to braid hair?  Hard to believe that a simple tweeking of the law enabled people to get jobs.

But we've sent this before in CA.  By tweaking existing law, people were finally allowed to sell baked goods cooked in their home kitchen.

In both cases, hundreds of jobs were created in the process.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Anti-Christian Bigots Target Clemson Football Program

Something called the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has sent a demand letter to Clemson University regarding its football program. It appears head coach Dabo Swinney has had the unmitigated audacity to hire a team chaplain and have Bible studies. Three privately funded buses took the team to a church. Even more outrageous, three players spoke of their faith in Jesus Christ at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes breakfast. The real horror is that their teammates heard about that faith in person. FFRF is a meddling group from Wisconsin intent on eliminating faith from the public square. Interestingly there isn’t a single Clemson player speaking out against Swinney’s inclusion of Christianity in the football program.
I don't understand why we tolerate this sort of thing.  This country was settled and developed around the idea of the free expression of religious principals and the free association with like minded Christians and Jews.  That is why we say that this is a country founded on Judeo-Christian values.  If you don't like it, you need to move to another country.  You CANNOT restrict the religious proclivities of a people.  You are going against the very basis of this country.

Sriracha sauce maker considers relocation

A real American Success Story.  Stabbed in the heart.

Tran said he fears the city won't accept any solution he proposes. If Irwindale residents continue to complain even after smell-mitigation technology is installed, Sriracha's legal troubles could have no end, Tran said. City officials "tell you one thing, but think another," Tran said in an interview at Huy Fong Foods on Wednesday. "I don't want to sit here and wait to die."
And city officials are just shocked at his attitude! CA is chock full of stories of companies and people who get ground to dust by city, county and state officials.

Mr. Tran.  Come to Texas. You won't ever regret it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Formula 1 Pit Stops 1950 Versus Today

We  KNOW what the difference would be if the GOVERNMENT was in control.  But here we show the Then and Now of pit stop crew technology in  1950 and 2013.

Link from Intelligence Report via Free Republic,

California Soda Scolds Push Unnecessary Warnings

Sodas have been sold in the USA for over 100 years.  You would think that if they were that bad we'd know it and it would be almost self-evident. So, why the heck do we need warning labels?

The fact is, Californians already suffer from “warning fatigue,” inundated as they are with warning labels on everything from fishing rods to Christmas lights. This is largely due to the state’s Proposition 65, a misguided and overbroad piece of legislation that requires all products with supposed cancer-causing chemicals to carry warning labels. Loved by trial lawyers (who make a killing off lawsuits), and hated by everyone else, Prop 65 means that another warning label will simply get lost in the traffic and be ignored, which, let’s face it, all warning labels that don’t alert people to imminent danger are.

Southern California Edison to lay off hundreds

Well, it does mention "outsourcing" which means many of the employees will be hired back as contractors.

The number of workers affected by the cuts will be “in the high hundreds,” Sen. Alex Padilla, D-Pacoima, chairman of the Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee, said in comments reported by the Los Angeles Times. “It’s pretty disappointing ... (The cuts) are not going to help” California’s economy.

Uncle Sam Seizes Children’s Tax Refunds To Pay Parents’ Debts

Sorry guys.  I haven't been able to post many articles.  For one, I'm in Seoul, South Korea, and my routine here isn't ammenable to posting much.  Then my computer started giving me trouble.  And then I left my charger in Japan.  I've ordered another one and it should be here soon.  Anyway, back to the show...

How many reasons do you need to take all of this out of the Federal Government's grimy, slimy hands?  Overpayment?  And whose fault is that?  And now they want the CHILDREN to pay?  Whose idea was that?

Let’s kick this discussion off with a recent real-world example. A few weeks ago, with no notice, the US government intercepted Mary Grice’s tax refunds from both the IRS and the state of Maryland. Grice had no idea that Uncle Sam had seized her tax refunds until some days later, when she got a letter saying that her refund had gone to satisfy an old debt to the government – a very old debt.

When Grice was four, back in 1960, her father died, leaving her mother with five children to raise. Until the kids turned 18, Sadie Grice got survivor benefits from Social Security to help feed and clothe them.

Now, Social Security claims it overpaid someone in the Grice family – it’s not even sure who – in 1977. After 37 years of silence, four years after Sadie Grice died, the government is coming after her daughter Mary. Why the Feds chose to take Mary’s money, rather than her surviving siblings, is a mystery.

The PR has been deservedly brutal for the SSA.  The program has been suspended and is being reviewed.  But we know how this will end.  When we aren't looking, the program will be started up again.