Friday, January 19, 2018

Apple "Spaceship" new Headquarters....Apple about to peak??

So, I'll refer to a great short article concerning Buildings that were built as testaments to the companies that were at the pinnacle of their power. But then....
(FORTUNE Magazine) – Please listen carefully, Mr. Roark," newspaper mogul Gail Wynand instructs the architect hero of Ayn Rand's 1943 novel, The Fountainhead. "I wish to undertake the construction of the Wynand Building at once. I wish it to be the tallest structure of the city."

Wynand's skyward spirit still animates his fellow media barons. Last month, the massive Time Warner Center grabbed the commanding heights above New York City's Central Park. Directly to the east, Bloomberg L.P.'s telescoping tower is nearing completion. A few blocks to the south, Hearst is topping its 1920s headquarters with a steel-and-glass prism, while the New York Times breaks ground on a giant that will rival Rockefeller Center in height. At 3 and 4 Times Square, Reuters and Conde Nast theatrically announce their presence with a pair of deconstructivist skyscrapers.

Together these buildings announce the dawn of the Media Age--yet the very fact of their construction could indicate that the companies' bright noon has already passed. A quick architectural tour suggests that when trophy buildings go up, companies' fortunes go down. Across the street from the Time Warner Center is the 1969 Gulf & Western Building, which boldly declared the Age of the Conglomerate until its conversion to Trump International Hotel & Tower. Chicago has no Sears in its Sears Tower, no John Hancock in its Hancock Tower, no Ward's in its Montgomery Ward Tower. Many of Houston's landmark skyscrapers--Transco Tower, Republic Bank Center, Texas Commerce Tower--have been renamed for companies that still exist.

Real-life publisher Joseph Pulitzer knew none of that, of course, when his 1890 World Building placed him higher than the spire of New York's Trinity Church and, more important, above the Tribune Tower next door. If he was among the first to tap the power of tall buildings, it was the 1908 Singer Building--whose slender New York tower marked the high point of the sewing-machine company's fame--that was the first trophy skyscraper. "Wherever I went," Frank Woolworth said after a trip to Europe, "[people] asked about the Singer Building and its famous tower." Metropolitan Life Co. would briefly eclipse Singer's 612 feet with its 700-foot clock tower on Gotham's Madison Square. But with the push of a button in 1913, President Wilson illuminated a new Gothic spire whose 792 feet would remain unchallenged until Walter Chrysler entered the picture in 1930: Woolworth had built a tower of his own.

Ego wasn't the only force summoning these structures from the ground. New construction techniques, soaring land prices, and competition for light and air all conspired to push them higher. But the corporate trophy building was above all an identity statement. "This is who we are," it said. "This is why we're powerful." The black-and-gold crown of American Radiator Co.'s New York headquarters glowed like a radiator coil at night. The decoration on American Piano Co.'s 57th Street headquarters was the medal it had won at an 1867 Paris competition--taunting rival Steinway down the block.

The Singer Building didn't survive. Demolished in 1968 to make way for the boxy U.S. Steel Building (now the former U.S. Steel Building), it was also, fortunately, an exception. Under the turbulent gales of capitalism, the glass, steel, and stone of America's pyramids have proved far more durable than the corporate Pharaohs who built them. Intended as symbols of bedrock permanence and power, they survive instead as giant tombstones--many of them beautiful.
And now...the new gleaming powerful  Apple Headquarters:


When I see this... it makes me sad.  I wonder...when will the For Sale signs or For Lease signs start to pop up? 2024?  2026?  2028?

I can already see Apple employees reading this, saying to themselves "What an idiot. How could he write something like this?  Apple will never go away.  They will always reinvent themselves.:

Reinvent themselves?  I never doubted that.  But....will they reinvent themselves...smaller?

REPORT: Democrats Worry As Wealthy People Flee California Over High Taxes

The gutting of CA continues. I would say we are about to reach or have reached the peak.
The Sacramento Bee reports:

Wealthy exodus to escape new tax rules worries California Democrats

The Republican-backed federal tax bill flipped the tables on a never-ending question for California politicians: Will high taxes lead the state’s wealthiest residents to flee the Golden State for the comparable tax havens of Florida, Nevada and Texas?

Republicans reliably raise that alarm when Democrats advocate for tax increases, like the 2012 and 2016 ballot initiatives that levied a new income tax on very high-earning residents. But now, with the federal tax bill cutting off deductions that benefited well-off Californians, the state’s Democrats suddenly are singing the GOP song about a potential millionaire exodus.

“People with higher incomes pay a lot more money, and some of them may be tempted to leave,” Gov. Jerry Brown said when he unveiled his 2018-19 budget proposal last week. “This was an assault by the Republicans in Congress against California.”…

Democratic state lawmakers are worried because California relies so heavily on the income taxes it collects from high earners to fund government services. The state’s wealthiest 1 percent, for instance, pay 48 percent of its income tax, and the departure of just a few families could lead to a noticeable hit to state general fund revenue.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Christian convert from Iran converting Muslims in Sweden

I for one celebrate whenever someone converts to Christianity.  And in the end, we as Christians no who wins. What we can do is pray for revival and spiritual renewal in Europe to counteract what the Elites are doing to these countries.

Parsan, a convert from Islam to Christianity and mother of two, has emerged as one of the most prominent religious figures in Europe, both because of her unlikely geographic and spiritual pilgrimage and her decision to reach out to Muslims with the gospel -- at great personal risk.

“My life is completely different since coming to Jesus,” said the 47-year-old Parsan, whose memoir, “Stranger No More: A Muslim Refugee Story of Harrowing Escape, Miraculous Rescue and the Quiet Call of Jesus,” was published late last year.
A "meet with Jesus moment" is life altering.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New Polish PM sees return to Christian roots as only way to stop Europe’s decline

It is truly amazing that it has come to this in Europe.
During the interview, Morawiecki contrasted Polish culture and traditions with the EU’s values, which require “serious work.” He called Poland “a very proud, important and great nation, which will be even greater” thanks to pro-family and pro-demographic programs, introduced by the ruling Law and Justice party.

Referring to the EU threat to withhold funds because of Poland’s refusal to bow to immigrant quotas, Morawiecki asserted that the country “will not allow this sort of a blackmail.”

Morawiecki reflected, “May God give me enough strength to serve Poland well.” He spoke about the need for prayers and work for all Poles, not only those who voted for the Law and Justice Party.

Morawiecki is a former banker, manager, and lawyer who is fluent in English and German and understands Russian. He has four children. Morawiecki joined the Law and Justice Party in 2016.

Religious Liberty Is Eroding in Canada. Here’s What Americans Should Learn.

We are living in the Post Christian Age.  I wonder if at some point we will be considered the descendants of  "apes and pigs" like Jews are considered.
The Canadian government has unilaterally taken positions on sexuality without the consent of its citizenry, much like the Obama administration’s unilateral decision to reinterpret the definition of “sex” to include sexual orientation and gender identity in Title IX.

But if Americans and Canadians can’t adopt or foster children because they don’t affirm a child undergoing potentially harmful hormone therapies and sex-reassignment surgeries or sexual activity outside of marriage, will the government also begin using this criteria for “good parenting” of biological children?

Will they treat the parenting practices of Orthodox Christians, Jews, and Muslims as suspect if they simply refuse to adopt the latest sexual trends?

Also in Canada, the Supreme Court will soon determine if attorneys who hold orthodox religious beliefs on sexuality are eligible to practice law.

Before Trinity Western University could even open its law school, the accrediting legal societies within Nova Scotia, Ontario, and British Columbia voted not to accredit graduates from the university’s school of law, because the Christian university has Orthodox Christian beliefs about marriage and sexuality.

Trinity Western University is the only Canadian university to have received an A+ grade in quality of education over the past seven years, yet in 2014, the Law Society of Upper Canada labeled the students’ views as “abhorrent” and “not welcome in the public marketplace.”
Well, from what I can tell, if you're Muslim, they'll make an be "culturally sensitive".

‘Don’t Be Evil’? Google Is Becoming A Police State is.  And it will be their undoing.

The problem is that their motto didn’t define what constitutes evil, so it left an opening for narrow-minded zealots to commandeer company resources in a witch hunt against whatever they define as the forces of wickedness. That’s what has happened at Google, which has adopted a corporate culture of quasi-totalitarian ideological uniformity that it is now starting to impose on everyone who uses its services. Which is, let’s face it, pretty much everyone. For now.

Google’s internal culture has been laid bare by James Damore’s lawsuit alleging employment discrimination. The picture we get is a corporate culture of lockstep ideological uniformity, enforced by censorship, badgering, and blacklisting. Damore furnishes one note from a Google manager in 2015, addressed to “hostile voices.”

I will never, ever hire/transfer you onto my team. Ever. I don’t care if you are perfect fit or technically excellent or whatever.

I will actively not work with you, even to the point where your team or product is impacted by this decision. I’ll communicate why to your manager if it comes up.

You’re being blacklisted by people at companies outside of Google. You might not have been aware of this, but people know, people talk. There are always social consequences.
So, if Google blacklists don't work ANYWHERE.  This is sick and depraved.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Unrest over food shortages spreads through the country

I've purposefully not posted anything on Venezuela. It's at the point where doing so seems exploitive.  But, having said that it still is important that we keep in mind what can happen to a country that is mired in debt, smothering government control and rampant corruption. our future. the American future.  It's only a matter of time.
"They're hunting. The people are hungry!" says the narrator of the video, who filmed the incident from his car. Lawmaker Paparoni said some 300 animals were believed to have been killed. Reuters could not verify the information.

Zuley Urdaneta, a 50 year-old vet in Merida, witnessed the looting of a truck along the highway around 2 p.m. on Thursday afternoon. About two hours later, he said some 800 people converged on a food collection center and proceeded to plunder it.

"They knocked down the gates and looted flour, rice, cooking oil, cooking gas," said Urdaneta. "The police and the National Guard tried to control the situation by giving out what was left."
Is it too late to stop this from happening here?

Yes, it's too late. All we can do now is to try to prevent it from getting worse.

If you think that government is the answer, it's too late for you.

Where is the answer?

The answer is in you.

Take care of your family.  Take care of your own future.  At this point, that's all you can do.