Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Government to Crack Down on Homeschooling over ‘Extremism’ Fears

UK, I know you think by enduring you perceive yourself as long suffering.  But you have to take a stand sooner or later.  Why wait until later?  Stand up now!

The government’s move to crack down on homeschooling comes after schools watchdog Ofsted described the fact that local authorities have no right to investigate whether children are being home-educated as a “loophole” which is exploited by Islamic extremists.

“The Government needs to have a really long serious hard look about how it can close that loophole,” Ofsted chief operating officer Matthew Coffey told The Telegraph, adding that the lack of a national database on children who are homeschooled is a “real source of frustration” for the schools regulator.

Along with issues such as unsafe premises and inappropriate forms of punishment, the report raised concern over the prospect that children would receive “inadequate preparation … for life in modern Britain” in out-of-school education settings.

Requirements that educators promote “British values” defined as “tolerance and respect for others”, and “prepare children for life in modern Britain” have caused some contention, with critics warning that the latter category is being used to penalise schools in rural areas which have been insufficiently ‘enriched’ with ethnic minority pupils.
Who are they kidding?  We see what happened to children who were being raped for decades in Thelford and Rothingham AND NO ONE DID A DAMN THING ABOUT IT.

So we know what will happen in homes where children are being homeschooled.  It will go something like this:

1) You are a devout Christian and your three children have up until the laws changed been model students, getting their work done and making good grades.  But upom inspection, the authorities will decide you are intolerant bigoted people.  The parents will be accused to teaching hate with crosses hanging up in their homes. Not only will the British Government insist that all the crosses come down, they will within a couple weeks, make a surprise visit and take the children away.  To save them from Christian HATE ya know.

2)  There will be a knock on the door. The local authorities are checking in on the children. The father will open the door.  Immediately, the authorities will bend over backwards apologizing for the mix up.  They will start to cry for the stupid mistake they made by coming by the moslem household - it would all be considered Hate by doing something like this. But, no, the authorities are not filled with hate. No WAY! 

The authorities will ignore the screaming sounds of children being raped in the back room.  Why, to even bring up the possibility children are being mercilessly treated, no matter how true, would be RACIST.

The UK is turning into an utterly twisted perverted negative film of what it used to be.  God help us in the USA if we turn into this.

Look for FEMA camps in the UK.  Not here.

Not yet.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Facebook Bans German Historian for Saying 'Islam Is Not Part of German History'

Hard to imagine (or maybe it isn't anymore).  I think it's time to decentralize these effing social media platforms.  Have something to say.  Get your own damn website!
Last month, Facebook censored a German historian who posted a message about Islam's historic impact on Germany. Facebook banned the historian for 30 days, even though 76 percent of Germans agree that Islam does not "belong to Germany."

Michael Hesemann, a journalist and Vatican historian with an honorary doctorate for his work in uncovering documents from the Armenian Genocide, posted a message that Facebook said did "not correspond to our community standards." The offensive message was an accurate — if overstated — historical statement.

Monday, April 9, 2018

The Death Of Silicon Valley: It Begins: California Senator Introduces Bill to Kill Free Speech, Requires State-Sanctioned Fact Checkers to Approve Online Content

So, what if CA eventually becomes Right Wing?  Does this mean we can put FAKE NEWS on Leftist websites???

This bill would require any person who operates a social media, as defined, Internet Web site with a physical presence in California to develop a strategic plan to verify news stories shared on its Web site. The bill would require the plan to include, among other things, a plan to mitigate the spread of false information through news stories, the utilization of fact-checkers to verify news stories, providing outreach to social media users, and placing a warning on a news story containing false information.

(a) Any person who operates a social media Internet Web site with physical presence in California shall develop a strategic plan to verify news stories shared on its Internet Web site.

(b) The strategic plan shall include, but is not limited to, all of the following:

(1) A plan to mitigate the spread of false information through news stories.

(2) The utilization of fact-checkers to verify news stories.

(3) Providing outreach to social media users regarding news stories containing false information. (4) Placing a warning on a news story containing false information.

(c) As used in this section, “social media” means an electronic service or account, or electronic content, including, but not limited to, videos, still photographs, blogs, video blogs, podcasts, instant and text messages, email, online services or accounts, or Internet Web site profiles or locations.
Finally, something that will make us safe!!!  SNARK!!

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Has the California backlash against liberal craziness finally begun?

Well, we can always hope!

Ronald Reagan was a Democrat for many years before switching to the Republican Party. When asked why he changed parties, he said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party - the Democratic Party left me.” That seems to be a sentiment being echoed by Common Sense Californians up and down the state as many blue blood Democrats and Reagan Democrats feel like their party no longer reflects their values or priorities. Though it’s unlikely that a singular candidate or issue will fully unite the state, California would be smart to put forth common sense candidates who are talking to – and listening to – common sense Californians from both sides of the political aisle. Those who predict a blue wave across the nation and count on California forever being blue from San Diego to Crescent City might want to take notice of the red ripple which has begun in the Golden State – not in Sacramento – but in cities and counties where common sense Californians still reside.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

To Absurdity And Beyond

Jeff and Sarah have always worked to be the perfect hosts.  Having his next door neighbors, Bill and his wife Janet, over for a nice dinner was pretty much a success.  The conversation was light dealing with children who were all grown living in various far flung parts of the country.

Janet was especially proud of their daughter.  “We almost gave up on Ellen.”

Jeff smiled and looked up to Heaven. “Oh, I remember!” 

Sarah laughed thinking back to the many conversations she and Janet had trying to figure out a path forward.  “But she went on to graduate from MSU near the top of her class.  What a change!”

Jeff refilled everyone’s glass with a nice Merlot he always kept for the perfect dinner.  “So let’s toast success!”  They all laughed and raised the glass.

“Cheers!” they all said together clinking their glasses.

“Bill, want to enjoy a cigar with me out on the back porch?”

“I think that’s a great idea.” Bill said with a contented smile that was punctuated with a twinkle in his eye.  “Got anything to go with it?”

“Bill, you know I do.  I always do.  Want a gin and tonic?  I also have some whiskey -”

“Whiskey!” He said with a slap on the table – almost like he had just walked into an old western saloon after a hard day after a round up.  “There’s nothing between me and my pleasure with a whiskey.” The women laughed.

“Then it’s done. Let’s go.”

It was dark outside.  Bill took a draw from his cigar and blew the smoke out into the back yard.  The flood light lit it up as it spread out and disappeared into the night.  It was still early in the spring and it was mostly quiet with only the sotto voce of the small number of insects that populated the creek in the back.  No mosquitoes yet. 

Bill said, “You know the secret to enjoying a cigar?”  He turned to look at Jeff who was still staring into the night. “Don’t inhale.”

Jeff chuckled. 

“Jeff, great dinner.  We always appreciate you inviting us over.”

Jeff smiled.  But, it wasn't Jeff that invited them over.

“Bill, you asked to come over.” He quickly added, “But, I’m not complaining.  We adore you and Janet.  In fact, I felt bad I hadn't had you over sooner.”

“Yes,,,yes I did.” There was a slight pause. “I need to talk to you about something.  I got hit with a double whammy.”

Jeff puffed on his cigar and took a sip of his whiskey. “Double whammy, eh? I’m taking you to mean the whammies weren't good.”

“No.  Not good at all.  We received a couple of letters last week. One was from the state of California.  The other from my pension.”

“What?  Oh.  I’m almost afraid to ask, but go ahead.”

“You ever hear of Proposition 65?”

“Are we talking California?  I know the people directly vote on these, uh propositions. I remember prop 13 back in the seventies.  It limited how the state and localities could tax property.”

“Oh yeah.  That was the good one.  But this one, prop 65, is the bad one.”

“What does that have to do with you?  What’s it about?”

The letter said I was in violation of prop 65.  I didn't have a cancer warning on my products I sold there.”

“What?  But…” Jeff stuttered. “I thought you sold shoes.  Don’t you have some sort of import license thing?  You get the orders online and then drop ship them to buyers?”

“And you are correct.” Said Bill.

“How many shoes do you sell?”

“It’s maybe a few hundred a month. We make a few dollars a pair.  So, it’s a nice extra income to, uh supplement my…uh… pension.”

“But how many do you sell to folks in California?”

“I think in total it’s been maybe a hundred over the past couple of years.”

“That’s all?  So, you’re in violation.  Put the stupid warning on the shoes.  Problem solved.”

“Well, it doesn’t work that way.  I have to pay per violation.”

“W…what?  Per violation?  What is it, 10 bucks a pair of shoes?  20 bucks?  What are we talking about?” Jeff was hoping against hope.

“I don’t know the exact number, but my lawyer says the total could be in the tens of thousands of dollars”

Jeff almost spilled his drink. “That…that doesn't sound fair at all, that’s- “

“- California.” Bill finished the sentence for Jeff. “That’s California.”

Jeff was flustered.  It sounded…weird.  It sounded unjust.  It sounded perverted…and corrupt.

“Who gets the money?” Jeff asked.

“The lawyers.”

“Anyone else?  Maybe the people who bought the shoes?”


Jeff put his drink down swinging his head back and forth.   “This just doesn’t seem right.  Seems so…draconian.”

There was a pregnant pause.

Jeff asked “so what about your pension?” The question came out a bit more cynical then he meant it to.

“It got cut in half.”

“Half!  Half?  I thought when you retired from the steel mill in Birmingham it was fully funded.”

“It was then.” Bill took a deep draw from the cigar and ejected the smoke twenty feet out. Jeff hoped he didn't inhale it in order to achieve that feat.

“After the 2008 crash.  The company never fully recovered.  They took profits and floated bonds to buy back stocks to prop the stock price up.” 

He turned to look at Jeff. “Every year I would get my statement on the funding of the pension.  I saw it drop from a hundred and ten per cent, to ninety per cent to eighty six per cent to seventy five per cent, sixty per cent, fifty five, forty five, thirty per cent.  Thirty per cent.  And the company did nothing.  Nothing to try to fund it.”

“Bill, I’m sorry. This is devastating.  I..I don’t know what to say.”

Bill sort of chuckled.  “Well, misery loves company.  Everyone was hit. We’re talking a sum total of twenty thousand employees over fifty years’ time.”

“Sorry, Bill, I don’t see a lot of love in that.”  Jeff was hoping he wouldn't be insulted by the comment. The comment was directed at those who ran the steel company into the dirt.

“Where does this leave you?  Are you ok – as far as your income?  To support you and Janet?”

“Uh, yeah.  Oh, we’ll have to cut a few corners.  I guess I’ll have to try to sell more shoes.”\

“But not to California, right?”

Bill chuckled.  “Yep.  Yep. Not California. Oh, and I’m not the only one.”

Jeff Perked up.  “Really? How so?”

“Well…I wouldn't call it a movement. But I've been in contact with others who had fallen into this...trap with California.  Would you believe dozens and dozens of other entrepreneurs now refuse to do business with people in there?”

“In California? Why does that not surprise me?”

“Oh yeah.  And the list of goods and people is growing.  We’re talking farmers.  We’re talking contractors.  We’re talking electronics. You name it. “

“That’s news to me.  I didn't realize it was getting to that point.  I had read a couple of articles of companies leaving, but this ratchets up the scenario a few notches.”

“Well…” Bill backed off a bit.  “We’re not talking billions or even millions of dollars of business.  But this is just the beginning.”

Jeff remembered something. “Ever hear of the term ’to absurdity’?”

Bill answered “I know what an absurdity is.  But ‘to absurdity’?  No.”

Jeff took a few puffs on the cigar to keep it going. “Take a scenario.  Any scenario that is, say, at the beginning of developing.  Now project it out to its absurd limits – to absurdity.”

Bill guffawed.  “Yes!  That’s California all over!” 

“So, if we can take Prop 65 to its absurdity – and if they can say shoes cause cancer – what would they NOT find causing cancer?”

Bill was beside himself.  He didn't know whether to laugh or get mad. “Damn, Jeff!  That’s what happened!  You can walk into some stores there and every article has a cancer warning!”

Things got quiet again.

Bill swirled his whiskey around, listening to the ice tinkle against the glass. “So…where do you think this is going to end for them?”

Jeff threw his head back, downing the rest of his whiskey…squashed the cigar into the ash tray and said:

“How do you think?  No one will want to go in. And those left in the state won’t be able to get out.”

Monday, April 2, 2018

Why Are States So Strapped for Cash? There Are Two Big Reasons

Money for roads.  Nope.
Money for 911 call centers.  Nope.
Money for pensions. Nope
Money for trash pick up. Nope
Money for Motor Vehicle license processing?  Nope
Money for schools.  Nope
Money for hospitals. Nope
Money for fire fighters.  Nope
Money for first responders.  Nope
Money for highway patrol.  Nope
Money for police. Nope.

The basic services we have grown to expect won't be there. 

Or....what little we get will be very very expensive.

From the Wall Street Journal
As state and local officials prepare their next budgets, many are finding that spending decisions have already been made for them by two must-fund line items that barely mattered when baby boomers such as Mr. Leavitt were growing up: Medicaid, the state-federal health insurance program for the poor and disabled, and public-employee health and retirement costs.

These days, they consume about one out of every five tax dollars collected by state and local governments. That is the highest share since Medicaid was created in 1965. Postretirement health benefits, which are harder to quantify, add to that burden and have cumulatively cost states more than $100 billion since 2008, according to government financial disclosures compiled by Merritt Research Services.

Those costs are outpacing growth in tax revenue year after year. In 2016, state and local governments collected about $136 billion more in taxes than they did in 2008, adjusting for inflation. Two-thirds of those additional dollars went to fund pensions and Medicaid, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of Commerce Department spending data. “The more we stare at the data, the more we realize all roads lead back to Medicaid and pensions,” says Dan White, a director at Moody’s Analytics who has studied the issue.

The resulting revenue squeeze is making it harder for governments to pay for core services such as education, infrastructure, police and fire protection.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

They started running

Jeff had just gotten back from picking up dinner from Pappy’s Barbeque which was just up the road from his house. The smokey aroma of the ribs filled The Sipper.  The only thing that kept him from grabbing one was having to deal with greasy fingers sliming up the steering wheel.

He cradled the bags of food in his arms as he tired opening the door to his house – the most used door that opened straight into the kitchen.  Then his phone rang. Crap.  A third thing to do.  Two things were bad enough.

He rushed in and dropped the food on the breakfast table. Reached in his pocket…it was his nephew, Chris.

His 27 year old nephew moved to Las Vegas a year or so ago. It had been eight years since Chris’ dad – Jeff’s brother – had died. Jeff and Chris had kept in contact, talking frequently about news events and money. 

Chris was in Vegas to make money the best way he knew how:  gambling.  He was an avid card player and did surprisingly well.  He wasn’t rich…but it paid the bills.  Jeff always marveled at this – since he himself always needed a little more certainty in life.

“Hey, Uncle Jeff!” Chris’ smooth voice was the exact opposite of off putting. Calm, quiet and seem to draw you in.  It expressed a curiosity and hidden knowledge that people picked up on. Jeff realized this was a perfect persona for a gambler.  Silent, non-aggressive and harmless, yet a foe one better be prepared to reckon with.

“Chris!  How are things in Sin City?”

“Well, ok, I guess.  I think they should change the nick name to Binge City.  It better describes what people do when they come here.”

Jeff chuckled. “Well that for sure is “A” sin.  Settling in ok there?”

“Yeah, that’s what I called to talk to you about.”

Jeff picked up on something.  Maybe he wasn't doing as well as Jeff had thought he could do. 

“What’s wrong?  Running into a bit of a bad streak? The Mob after you?”

“What?  Hey! No!  I’m doing pretty well.  The bills are being paid.  The Mob loves me –“

Jeff sort of lowered his voice “uh…I’m assuming that’s a joke?”

Chris, chortled “Yes, I’m joking there.  But I am doing a little better than treading water. The bills are paid, I get to eat out.  Stuff a few greenbacks in the bank.  Life is good.”

“So….what’s the call about?”

Chris paused for a second.  “There’s something going on.  There are people here.  A lot of them.”

“You mean over and above the flow of tourists?  Are we talking military?  What?” Jeff wasn’t really serious about the military.  At least he hoped he wasn't.

“No.  No military.  But after the first six months I moved here, you could see something was not right.  I asked my neighbor about it.  He seemed to know more about it than I did.”

“Chris, what’s happening?  What’s going on?”

“My neighbor just said ‘it’s those damn Californians!  I wish they’d stay the hell away.’ Uh, he said that second statement, too.  I didn't say that.”

“I don’t think I understand.  I did read a lot of people in California were moving to Oregon, Nevada and Texas to get away from the taxes.”

“No.  No.  These people here didn't run away from California for that. In fact, I think a lot of them probably haven’t worked in some time.”

“Oh, so they were laid off or something?  Explain to me what you’re seeing.”

“They live in tents.  They are all gathered around the southern end of the city – “

“How many are we talking about?  Ten? Fifty?”

“No.  More like a hundred maybe.  Maybe two hundred – I haven’t tried to count them.  Keep in mind this has been going on for a year or so.”

Jeff realized there was something going on that the news wasn't telling. “Chris, what are others saying?”

“I was at the grocery store yesterday.  I started chatting with a man and his wife.  Turned out they were from California.  They didn't live in a tent.  They’d been living in Vegas for a couple of years.  But they knew more about the people in the tents than I did.”

“So, what did they tell you?”  Jeff was starting to not like Chris’ personality at this point.  It was clear to him that Chris knew a LOT more than he was telling.  This “story building” was getting in the way.

“Okay.  Okay” Chris could sense the impatience. He knew he had to deliver.  “So, the couple said that things in California were way, way worse than we had been led to believe.  The husband and wife were maybe in their 70s. But they still had many friends and family in…what was that city…. [Jeff was losing it now] oh – Oakland. Yeah.”

“So, what’s happening in California?”  Jeff forgot about the ribs. They were cold now.  Dinner was going to have to wait.  His wife had just walked into the kitchen looking at Jeff with that that  “what’s going on?” look.

“Uncle Jeff….the – the…”  Jeff had never ever heard Chris stutter.  He was searching for words to encapsulate what he was seeing happening.  And, being Chris, he wanted to make sure he aptly described the situation in as few words as possible.  But then the words came out in one steady and intense stream.

“California is a listing ship.  Things are getting bad.  This is only the beginning.  It will be holy hell when the ship is upside down.  And the pain won’t stop there.  The true agony will occur when the ship tries to right itself.”

Jeff was stunned.  His mind whirling.  “I…don’t understand a thing you just said.”

Chris – his voice getting calmer and lower – never a good sign. “The shit isn’t about to hit the fan.  It started hitting the fan for a while now.  And it probably won’t stop…for years.  Those people in the tent city?  How are they going to survive in the Vegas heat?  WHAT DOES THIS LOOK LIKE TO YOU?”

Jeff’s eyes popped out. 

“They’re refugees. From California.”

There was silence.  Chris broke it.

"There's gonna be millions"