Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Chicago flower company begs the NEXT QUESTION: "ARE YOU A JEW? ARE YOU A CHRISTIAN?"

How much longer before the question is:  "CONDEMN CHRISTIANITY OR GO SOMEWHERE ELSE"???

This is going to spiral out of control.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Made in America* -- How the U.S. auto industry was built with foreign labor

Absolutely despicable.  Why are out elected leaders allowing this to happen? Why aren't we protesting and rioting against this?

And it hasn't stopped!!
At the apartment complex, we observed the laborers as they gathered in the parking lot on their way to work around 6:30am. We observed the van take the workers to the BMW plant where they stayed for ten hours.

At Volvo, near Charleston, a new plant is being built thanks to $200 million dollars in tax incentives and subsidies. There, we observed white vans packed with Polish workers being shuttled from the worksite to nearby apartment complexes. A man from Poland told CBS News producers that he was working at Volvo's paint shop where he said he was making five to six times more than what he would make in his native country.

At Mercedes in Alabama, we found dozens of Eastern European workers, and some Americans, entering the construction project just before dawn.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Experimental protein reactors produce basic food from carbon dioxide and electricity

I guess you can't call it Soylent Green.  Well, it's not green....

The protein’s greatest selling point is in its ingredients.

Sunlight. And carbon dioxide.

“In practice, all the raw materials are available from the air,” Pitk√§nen says. “In the future, the (solar powered) technology can be transported to, for instance, deserts and other areas facing famine. One possible alternative is a home reactor, a type of domestic appliance that the consumer can use to produce the needed protein.”

The Myth of Drug Expiration Dates

I always thought this was a bunch of hooey.  Surely, an antibiotic can't go bad so quickly.  But, what really was my basis for saying that.  Now, we can.
The box of prescription drugs had been forgotten in a back closet of a retail pharmacy for so long that some of the pills predated the 1969 moon landing. Most were 30 to 40 years past their expiration dates — possibly toxic, probably worthless.

But to Lee Cantrell, who helps run the California Poison Control System, the cache was an opportunity to answer an enduring question about the actual shelf life of drugs: Could these drugs from the bell-bottom era still be potent?

Cantrell called Roy Gerona, a University of California, San Francisco, researcher who specializes in analyzing chemicals. Gerona had grown up in the Philippines and had seen people recover from sickness by taking expired drugs with no apparent ill effects.

“This was very cool,” Gerona says. “Who gets the chance of analyzing drugs that have been in storage for more than 30 years?”

Mandatory composting? Gavin Newsom isn’t shying away from his liberal record


And he says all of this like he's proud of it!  With a smile!  Yes, let's make composting mandatory statewide!  Why the hell not?

“I was the guy who brought you the plastic bag ban in San Francisco,” the former mayor told the graying Roseville audience gathered in a community center 100 miles outside his progressive city.

“You thought gay marriage was controversial,” Newsom added to sustained laughter, “we required composting in San Francisco. That was controversial. They had garbage police out there checking in my cans to make sure the egg shells were in the appropriate bin.”

In the foothills of the Sierra, and at a stop last week in Salida, just outside of Modesto, the Democratic front-runner whose national profile was born out of his decision to distribute marriage licenses to same-sex couples offered the clearest indication yet that the tenets of his gubernatorial campaign are rooted in his liberal record.

Newsom said he gets a kick out of watching Republicans – and some Democrats – contorting themselves “like pretzels” over health care. He favors a government-run program covering everyone.

“At the end of the day, with all due respect, the only way we are going to have high-quality, universal health care that’s affordable, or at least approximates affordability, is Medicare for all,” he said. “Don’t people get this? The deeper question, though, is: Can we do it in California? And, legitimately, that’s an open-ended question. It just is.”
"...with all due respect.."  Oh yeah?

What a liar.  He has no respect that you might be able to make decisions without the forced assistance of government.  He doesn't care what you think.  He only cares about what he thinks.  You , on the other hand are a WORM to him.

I hope he wins.  We need CA to get ground into the dirt quicker so CA'ians can come to their sense faster.

January 28, 2014 Christianity Today, January/February, 2014 The following article is located at: http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2014/january-fe bruary/world-missionaries-made.html COVER STORY The Surprising Discovery About Those Colonialist, Proselytizing Missionaries

Interesting essay about the Democratic influence of Protestant missionaries all over the word.
Fourteen years ago, Woodberry was a graduate studen t in sociology at the University of North Carolina– Chapel Hill (UNC). The son of J. Dudley Woodberry, a professor of Islamic studies and now a dean emeritus at Fuller Theological Semi nary, started studying in UNC's respected PhD program with one of its most influential figures, Christian Smith (now at the University of Notre Dame).

But as Woodberry cast about for a fruitful line of research of his own, he grew discontented. 
"Most of the research I studied was about American religion," he says of early graduate school. "It wasn't [my] passion, and it didn't feel like a calling, something I could pour my life into ." 
One afternoon he attended a required lecture that brought his vocational drift to a sudden end. The lecture was by Kenneth A. Bollen, a UNC–Chapel Hill professor and one of the leading experts on measuring and tracking the spread of global democracy. Bollen remarked that he kept finding a significant statistical link between democracy and Protestantism. Someone needed to study the reason for the link, he said.

Woodberry sat forward in his seat and thought, That's me. I'm the one. 
Soon he found himself descending into the UNC–Chape l Hill archives in search of old data on religion. "I found an atlas [from 1925] of every missionary station in the world, with tons of data," says Woodberry with glee. He found data on the "number of schools, teachers, printing presses, hospitals, and doctors, and it referred in turn to earlier atlases. I thought, Wow, this is so huge. This is amazing. This is why God made me. "

Anti-Christian Persecution is Gaining Strength in Ireland and Great Britain

If you've never seen any of the churches in the UK you really need to go.  They are something to behold.  We went to Ely and visited church there.  It's also home to the boy's choir that does music for several movies - notably The Snowman.

But, just like in the rest of Europe, church attendance has been taking a nose dive.  And how long before this turns into hostility to Christianity?  And then turns into violence and death against Christians?

Well, it has to start as something.  And this is it:

While conservative Catholics have long had much to complain about in terms of the poor standards of religious formation in Catholic schools, there is now a strong media campaign against laws decried as ‘discriminatory’ which, in reality, help protect the ethos of such schools, even where much of the damage to this ethos has already been done and has been self-inflicted — a Catholic school for girls in Dublin, for example, recently, decided to remove the cross from its insignia lest it would cause offence.

This campaign is in parallel with moves to divest Catholic schools and transfer ownership to groups with a secular ideology.

The message is clear, in Ireland and in Britain, alike, the persecution of the Christian faith has just been ratcheted up a notch. Christianity, no matter what form it takes, has now become unacceptable to the political and media establishments.

Does this represent a scorched earth policy by the forces of secularism to pre-empt even the possibility of the return of an overwhelmingly faith-filled “Catholic Ireland” or “Dowry of Mary,” for example? It would certainly seem so.

In any case, after several years of seeing people of faith not bringing their religious beliefs to the table of public policy, and being put to the top of the class for their tolerance, it now appears that not just the publicly expressed beliefs of Christians but Christians themselves, “domesticated” or otherwise, are no longer welcome at that table either.
Do you think those that HATE Christians are happy to start there?  This will "ratchet" up to include, jail, torture and death of Believers.

It always does.