Wednesday, September 26, 2012

40 Years Of Obamacare

2013. Obamacare goes into effect.

2020 Healthcare is available for everyone.

2025 Doctor’s offices are overwhelmed by all kinds of patients; thresholds are set up to prevent people from seeing the doctor for every little sniffle. Thresholds work.

2028 American Medical Association has determined that prostate and breast exams have little or no real value. The federal government no longer will pay for these exams. The AMA encourages the use of more thresholds. “We feel these thresholds can be moved up or down, depending on the case load in the area". The Federal Government institutes “variable thresholds” and chaos ensues. What would get you in to see a doctor on one day will not get you in the next. Cancer treatment is denied a 23 year old athlete, but a week earlier was approved for someone 70 years old, with stage 4 cancer and smokes.

When asked about this issue, agency chair says “the variable thresholds are a function of available funds, patient load and severity. Since any of these variables can change, the equation we use is quite complex. In fact, we used the pricing of milk as the basis for our model." When it is pointed out to him that the milk pricing model sets a HIGH price for milk, he is then asked if this equates to a too high of a threshold, the agency leader responds “What’s your point?”

2031 The federal government not only will no longer pay for PSA testing or breast exams, they inform doctors they can no longer perform the procedures and will be fined and penalized if they do.

All drug production, quotas and deliveries are planned out of Washington DC. Supply chain disruptions occur even for aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen. Government quotas are not being met. Drugs that were once common have become scarce. All prices are now set by Washington agencies.

For the first time in 80 years, the vast majority of new drug listings and patents filed in the USA are by drug companies in other countries, particularly from India.

2034 New CBO report is issued showing that for every 100 dollars raised in taxes, fees and premiums only one dollar goes to actual healthcare for recipients. Antiquated computer systems and certification systems allow the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars of pain killers. Patients are lost in the system.

2037 Doctors fearing for their own wellbeing are quitting or retiring from their practices in droves. Not only are more fines imposed, but non-compliance in too many cases results in imprisonment. As a result, inmates of prisons find they are getting the very best of medical care. "It's like having my own personal physician" said a smiling John Gabriel. Mr. Gabriel was incarcerated and is serving a life sentence for torturing and then killing his girlfriend.

Dr. Nathan Eversol (former Chief of Medicine at James River Hospital in Richmond, Virginia) responded to questions about his recent arrest and imprisonment. "Think about it. I wanted to treat my patient. I wanted my patient to get better. For that, I am in jail."

The federal government relies more on nurse practitioners and physician assistants to treat patients. But this doesn’t make the situation better. More wedges are being driven deeper between the doctor and his patient in doing this.

2040 Massive over spending, fraud, corruption, crony capitalism, and government control have resulted in a slow descent of the life expectancy of Americans. the US which stood at 38th in the world as of 2010 is now 138th, supplanting North Korea. China, which to this day still does not mandate health insurance for its citizens has risen to 15th. China had repudiated all ties to Communism as of 2030.

By this time, private health insurance companies have ceased to exist and there is only the single payer system in place now. Since doctors/NPs/PAs have been banned from denying patients the use of government health insurance as payment, more doctors/NPS/PAs quit as the cost has far outstripped the payments from the government.

2045 Doctors are no longer paid on a per-patient basis. Doctors are paid a flat fee per day.

2050 The federal government no longer uses the term “health care”. It is now “managed care”.

2053 Forty years have passed. Managed Care has turned into a system that instead of helping people to live is now a system that helps people to die.

Epilogue: August 4, 2054 Obama, now 94 years of age is asked during an interview how he feels about what has happened to his legacy, having served two terms that allowed him to firm the grasp the federal government had on the country. The United States of America, because of rampant government spending, top-down control of the economy, short-sighted regulations, corruption at all levels of the government and poorly, vaguely written regulations that contradict others, is now relegated to almost third world status. He is asked, "Do you consider what you've done a failure or a success?"

Obama, looking quizzically at the interviewer with still-sharp, piercing eyes, shakes his head a little and says "I stand by my legacy. What's your point?"



Ladies and gents.  If there is one thing that government has taught us is that whatever endeavor they engage in, they will waste money in the process, treat you and me like shit and slam the hammer down on us if we don't comply.

There never is, there never will be anything compassionate about government.  For every law that was meant to right a wrong forever gets twisted to do the opposite and instead it wrongs a right.

Sure the battle before the Supreme Court was won by the Leftists.  But in the end, the Leftists will LOSE.  But by that point it will be too late for us.  And what will be the state of mind of Americans by that point?  Will we mimic CA and pile on more of the same thinking that that insanity will solve our imaginary problems?

Yes, in the end the Leftists will lose.  We will watch the perversion of compassion. And in the end, we will all lose.


  1. Nice fantasy. You must be a Faux Noise writer.

  2. You must be one of followers of whacko Olbermann.