Monday, September 17, 2012

California Desert City To Consider Solar Ban

More hoops and roadblocks for solar energy providers to jump or navigate.  CA is CA's worst enemy.
The Commission's recommendation is notable for its failure to pull punches:
Through the extensive review of the issue completed in numerous Study Sessions and Public Hearings, the Commission concludes that it cannot be demonstrated that allowing the development of Commercial Solar Fields shall provide a direct, tangible benefit to the community through the provision of improved community infrastructure, increased personal, sales, or property taxes, or provide reasonable and sustainable, long term employment to residents or visitors to our community, and whereas Commercial Solar Fields can be shown to have direct, adverse impacts to the aesthetic quality of the desert vistas the community now enjoys, deleterious effects to the tourist industry that the community depends on, potential adverse impacts to property values for the properties adjoining or surrounding such facilities, potential decreases in the quality of life for those individuals that reside with properties adjacent to or surrounding such facilities, and potential serious impacts to the biologic, cultural and social resources of our community. Under this conclusion, the commission must recommend that "Commercial Solar Fields" should be listed within all land use tables of the Development Code... as a "Prohibited Use."
The Twentynine Palms City Council has not yet formally discussed the recommendation.
I think vast fields of solar panels are kind of cool looking.  Really!

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