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I don't visit Pamela Geller's website very much. For one thing, I don't like that she hijacked Ayn Rand's book title.  There is no copyright infringement, but the title is so much part and parcel with the book that to see it used some other way rubs me the wrong way.

Having said that I believe what she is doing is good.  In this interview the CNN interviewer Erin Burnett comes across as a virgin who has never had an orgasm before and doesn't understand why anyone would want to have one. It has got to be the must jawdroppingly stupid act (for what else could it be?) that I have ever seen. Is it possible that someone so high up in MSM could be so... gosh!  I'm out of words! Stupid?  Is that the only word I can come up with?

One can only wonder what planet Miss Burnett is from.

Maybe she should go back to her planet....

The comments on her blog are great:
When we lived in the CCCP, we used to listen to Radio “Voice of America” to learn the Truth since the Soviet MSM promoted only Communist Party Propaganda. Now in the US the MSM (like CNN = Communist News Network) does the same. So now we can learn the truth only from Blogs like Pamela’s Atlas Shrugged, or Russian Pravda on the Internet…

Dear Ms. Geller:

Shocking how Burnett kept ignoring the reality of worldwide Jihad violence in order to reprimand you over how the terms "Jihad" and "Savage" were used in your ads. I have a you thoughts on this.

I am a homosexual. If I were to be a guest on Burnett's show and wanted to speak about "gay issues" in the Muslim world; such as gang rapes of lesbians to turn them heterosexual (long enough for them to then be arrested and executed for having been raped in the first place) or the sadistic ways in which gay men are executed; I wonder what would happen? Would Erin keep interupting me on how talking about killings of Muslim-World gays was a "downer" and after all; as a "gay" person I should be speaking about happy-go-lucky, frivolous, joyful, unicorns and lollipops ways of positive thinking? I mean, I am "gay" after all.

I am also of Native American Indian ancestry. Many American Indians have over the centuries have been referred to as "savages." As someone who has had to endure this slur; I have this blunt statement about the use of "savage" in the ads...

Its NOT racist. I'm aware that this term IS NOT referring to a specific race- generalizing an entire ethnicity as "savage". By the way Ms. Burnett what "race" are Muslims who embrace violence, hatred and murder? No race or ethnicity is mentioned in the ads. What the ads do refer to is Jihad- the monstrous war radical Islam is waging against anyone they deem inferior.

This gay American Indian mixed-blood is 100% in agreement with Pamela Geller that beheadings, anti-Semitic murders, enslavement of young girls, suicide bombings, etc-the list is sadly endless... are indeed savage.

Also, as someone who speaks and understands the English language; no where in those ads are law abiding Muslims mentioned. The act of Jihad (religious war) is what is derided and rightfully so. That Ms. Burnett is either purposefully twisting the ads message or she is incapable of understanding the English language seems to be the only options to explain her pathetic behavior during Ms. Geller's interview.

The difference between the Islamic and Western world... Erin apparently doesn't take the time to learn the biographies of her guests. Ms. Geller is of Hebrew heritage; not a Christian. Now, if a radical Muslim Jihadist were to be mistaken for a Hindu in India... for a Buddhist in Thailand... Christian in Pakistan... or Jewish in Israel... not only would that Jihadist be highly offended; he might even harm the person who made the error... after all,those other religions are infidels! Non-believers in Islam and therefore worthy of no respect whatsoever.

However, in America... you can refer to someone as being a member of a faith in which they do not belong and guess what? It is probably not going to be viewed as an insult and not even bothered to be corrected. Erin you are in a civilized nation and were speaking to a modern civilized human being in Geller. Now, I would love to see Erin (wearing a Hirjab) excitedly get a face-to-face interview with some victimhood obsessed Jihadist, and during the interview mis-speak and refer to him as.. Hindu? Christian? Jewish? I bet the reaction would not be so nice.

Do as the ads say Erin. Support civilized people... and defeat Jihad.

Pamela Geller- you are awesome!

OH my gosh...Pamela, I don't know how you endure the crap flung at you by the Nazi, totalitarian, anti-life left. But I'm glad you're out there. And THIS Roman Catholic--who has a deep and abiding love and respect for the Jewish people--stands with YOU. And Israel.

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