Friday, September 14, 2012

First California sea otter to survive oil spill gives birth to a healthy pup 3 years later

Who the hell cares?  And this passes for news?  This is only news to people who think oil is the evilest thing every invented, or, uh... found or something....

The birth continued the remarkable story of the animal rescued in 2009 from a beach near Santa Cruz. It also was welcome news following a recent state and federal study that found tepid growth of the threatened California sea otter population on the Central Coast.

Scientists say oil is especially harmful to the species that has the thickest coat of any mammal. When the animal’s coat is damaged by oil, its skin is exposed to cold water, which can lead to hypothermia and death because otters don’t have a layer of blubber like other marine mammals.
And how did this oil get on the otters?  Natural oil and gas seeps, that's how.  You know what these are, right?  These seeps occur because environmentalists REFUSE to allow oil companies to drill for the oil, thus relieving the pressure that would stop the seeps.

You see, the environmentalists are complicit in the death of the otters.

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