Wednesday, September 26, 2012

German Homeschoolers To Flee To America?

The USA and other countries.  The German laws especially affect those that want to homeschool.
Another obstacle to immigration, he said, is the large size of some of the German Russian families: “Some of them have 12 children. It’s not easy to find an American sponsor for such a large family.”

Guenther praised Houston, Texas, attorney Bruce Shortt for his ongoing research into the immigration laws and his search for a way to bring the German Christians to America. The aspiring immigrants have also received support in America from the Home School Legal Defense Association.

“America is vital to the preservation of Christianity,” Guenther said. “The fight in Germany is pretty much over; we don’t think there’s anything more we can do in Germany. But America has resisted socialism and secularism. It’s still a country of religious freedom.”

“I and many others have tried over the last year to bring pressure on the German government to get them to respect the rights of Christian parents in Germany,” Shortt said. His efforts included an email campaign directed at the German Embassy. He told Guenther in an email that “there are various strategies on immigration … I think there may be some families here [in Houston] who would be willing to provide temporary help to immigrating Germans.”

The experience of the German Christians, he said, “ought to be a cautionary tale for all Christians and homeschoolers.”

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