Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Something Is Wrong

Others have noticed this, too.  There is so much overlooking on the Left as to what extreme Islam has done. It's pretty tough to ignore yet, the Left does pretty much that. They keep pointing to Israel saying it has participated in genocide.  But I just don't see that.  It's crazy how far we've come  - how off the reservation the whole line of thinking has taken.
There is just a feeling in the air, a look in the sky at dusk, a look on people's faces. Fear is everywhere. Mr. Obama cannot lose this election unless enough people believe it's within their power to stop the ticking of the clock, and I do not feel that groundswell. Not at all. When the American media turns its back on our own religions of tolerance and adores a religion of intolerance, times are upside down. The MSM says it's all fine, trust The Prince of Grant Park, Chicago. But I have always preferred the admonition, "Put not your trust in princes." Something is wrong.
This is a good article.

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