Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Great California Exodus: A Closer Look

Got this link from Drudge.  Like I said, the only people left in CA soon will be illegal immigrants. And from what I can tell, that won't last long either.
But then, as we have described, the appeal of California withered. Since 1990, domestic migration to California has flipped to a deficit. In the last two decades, the state lost nearly 3.4 million residents through migration to other states. In other words, it lost about four-fifths of what it had gained through domestic migration in the previous 30 years. Foreign immigration filled the gap only partially. Inflows from overseas peaked at 291,191 in 2002 and sank to just 164,445 in 2011. Meanwhile, net domestic out-migration has averaged 225,000 a year over the past ten years.

It's a long-ish report.  But well worth the read.

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