Thursday, October 11, 2012

California Climate Program Ready to Roll

This is the quintessential quote that shows how completely DEAF CA government officials are:
“While no aspect of this program has been free from controversy, an initiative that would have suspended the entire program was overwhelmingly rejected by the voters in 2010, in the depths of the recession,” Nichols noted at last week’s Board meeting. “Since that time, the sponsors of that initiative and others who have opposed every measure directed at reducing emissions from the industrial sector have taken to proclaiming their support for AB32 while attacking every single piece of the ARB's program to implement that law.”

Nichols singled out the California Manufacturers and Technology Association (CMTA), Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA) and the California Chamber of Commerce, which have been ramping up opposition to AB 32 – targeting the upcoming cap-and-trade auction component -- through newspaper ads and other avenues as the Nov. 14 date for the first auction approaches.
The CA idiots think that Big Business is just plain MEAN and HATE people and want DIRTY air MUDDY water and wants to KILL people.

This is more than I can stand.

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