Sunday, October 7, 2012

California: The Next Fracking Frontier?

Who are they kidding?  Fracking has been going on in CA for decades and they just recently "discovered" it!  And NOW they get upset.
“As a parent I just feel very violated, that I live in this community, I do everything I can to keep my children healthy, you know you buy plastic without BPA, you buy organic food– and then you send them to school, and 600 yards away, you have this huge industrial operation, and you have very little disclosure as to what’s going on,” Palazzolo says.
And what a complete waste of time and energy.   All she's done is show us how dumb she is and what a spend thrift she is buying organic foods thinking it was safer and more nutritious.  And CA'ians expect her to be knowledgeable about fracking?

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