Sunday, October 7, 2012

California, the Venezuela of North America

This blog is a continuation of an entry that I called The United States of California.  In that entry I laid down the possibility that California, even in the face of complete disaster would still elect Leftists into office.  At first blush, this just doesn't seem possible or sane, but we have history to guide us and tell us that it happens.  A good case in point is Venezuela.

From whatever angle you look, Venezuela should not be where it is.  The country has some of the largest oil reserves in the world and should be on top of that world.  What we see happening instead is a slow and steady decline into irrelevancy.

Oil production:


PVDSA deteriorating infrastructure:

And even in the face of all this, Chavez was just re-elected to yet another term.
So, tell me at what point in the downward spiral will CA make the right, tough decisions and do the right thing?
I don't think it will.  I just pray to God the USA doesn't get sucked down with CA.

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