Saturday, October 13, 2012

Climate Law Is Good Business for California

This article is interesting not for what it says but what it does not say.  It mentions the $5 gas in CA and just chalks this up to old fossil fuel dependence that's causing it.  Do they think we are that stupid?  CA decided to create an untenable situation by legislating a gasoline blend that no one else in the entire country uses.  So when the supply is interrupted, who suffers?  Well, we in TX didn't suffer.  Did our prices go up?  Maybe 5 cents.  Not a whole dollar - or whatever the godawful amount was in CA.

The price went up because YOU in CA created the situation for it to happen.  There is no one to blame but yourself.  YOU DID IT.  You created a climate in CA where NO ONE wants to build a new refinery.  NO ONE wants to grow an industrial plant.  TX didn't do it.  NV didn't do it. YOU. DID. IT.

So now you think the solution is "green energy" with the total exclusion of fossil fuels?

You have created a situation that we call "limiting the degrees of freedom".  I did some work in a pharmaceutical plant about 20 years ago.  Riding home with the lead engineer he was dismayed with the situation with our client.  "Gary, we can't do anything.  Everytime we make a suggestion we get shot down.  We can't go forward with anything.  They find fault with everything we bring up."

"Jack, I call that limiting your degrees of freedom.  The client is hamstringing you.  The answer is hardly the ideal solution, but the answer could be the best solution."

Jack smiled and said he liked that concept and would use those words with the client.  He did and the client backed off and allowed us to explore various solutions.  The whole effort was one of the finest pieces of engineering I was ever involved in.

And so it is with CA.  There is no ideal solution.  To think that wind and solar are the ideal solutions is idiotic, dogmatic and self-defeating.  CA must unleash Private Industry to supply the answers.  Because your bureaucrats are bumbling, fumbling idiots.

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