Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dan Walters: The reality of what's happening with California gas prices

Rather charitable comments from Mr. Walters.  But then he goes on.

Gov. Jerry Brown didn't demagogue, and did the smart thing. He directed the state Air Resources Board to allow refiners to shift to the winter blend a bit earlier than usual, which expanded supplies from refineries elsewhere. Prices are now drifting downward.

Looking ahead, however, California's gasoline prices will continue to climb, at least slowly, because the same Air Resources Board is planning to mandate even more exotic gasoline blends to reduce carbon emissions in the name of reducing global warming.

Once again, California will be going it alone. Once again, Californians will pay the price, whatever it may be, and once again, those most affected by gasoline prices won't be politicians or those who campaign self-righteously for stricter environmental regulations.

Those most affected will be those in the lower reaches of the economic pecking order.

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