Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Seismic Testing of California’s Nuke Plants Blocked

This is pretty typical of environmentalists.  And of course, if an accident should occur that could have been mitigated by using the testing, the fact that it is all the environmentalists' fault will somehow never make it into the news.

And from a practical point, if I’m an greenie against nuclear power, the quickest way to get a plant shut down is to prove its been built in an unsafe geologic area and not through some drawn-out legal process under the guise of saving a few otters.

These studies need to be done now, and if need be, the Navy should step in and conduct the tests as losing a nuclear power plant in an earthquake is a real national security (and environmental) concern. We need to know which plants are safely located and which are not.

Why in the world would environmentalists start using real facts when made up facts have worked so well so far?

But we know what will happen.  An earthquake will strike and there will be damage such that people will be harmed.  And everybody will have forgotten that it's not the company's fault but the STUPID enviro-wacko's fault that people died.

But hey, that's their intent anyway.  Kill people, drive them away since a slug or minnow is far more precious than human life.

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