Wednesday, December 26, 2012

California manufacturers weigh costs of new greenhouse rules

If you think CO2 emissions are dangerous and destructive then the article makes perfect sense.  Otherwise, it's the dumbest article I've ever read.
Nick Kastle, a company spokesman, said it would almost certainly pass on the new costs to makers of ketchup and frozen pizza, which would be likely to share the extra costs with consumers. "People nationwide are going to be affected by AB 32," he said.

But many economists said they think such a cost-centric analysis ignores the jobs and economic activity that the law could generate. Emission and efficiency standards for cars, buildings and appliances in California over the last four decades have succeeded in cleaning the air, making residents' per-capita energy use rate among the lowest in the country and spurring innovations and new industries, like the one that arose around catalytic converters.

"It's almost a Darwinian point," said Matthew Kahn, an economist at the University of California, Los Angeles. While some companies' costs will no doubt rise, he said, the law creates moneymaking opportunities by forcing a rethinking of industrial processes.
If you want to talk "Darwinian points" we know where CA is.  With stupid laws like this it's headed down the path of extinction.

And contrary to what the writer thinks, it's ALWAYS about the bottom line.  All of those jobs will be shipped out of the state.

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