Friday, December 7, 2012

E-Cig Commercial Reclaims Freedom

Rush Limbaugh has a great article about...well, I guess people who just can't mind their own business.  People who are so easily rubbed the wrong way:
He was back in ten minutes. "Uh, Mr. Limbaugh, there's a woman..." I knew who it was 'cause I was getting daggers by a couple of women, staring daggers at me. "Mr. Limbaugh, one of our customers is very, very upset and is asking me to ask you to kindly put that away. It's really a bad image, children shouldn't see it."

I said, "There aren't any here. This is a bar."

And he said, "But she's just asking..."

"Well, could you tell me who it is?"

"No, no. I really don't want any trouble."

I said, "See, this is what happens. This is not offending anybody. It's not affecting her. It's not causing anybody any discomfort. It's bringing me a little pleasure. You've got one customer who is all hoity-toity and high and mighty, somehow thinking that she's affected, impacted negatively, or others are, by this. And so one customer can cause all this."

"Well, you know, it does look like a cigarette."

I said, "But it isn't. There's no law against this."
Here's the Blu e-cigarette that Rush has posted on his website:

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