Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Green water grab sinks farmland, blocks salmon runs

Excellent article showing that the environmentalists....just make things worse!  Why? why? why? do CA'ians keep listening to these idiots?
The Fresno Bee reports that Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s $1 billion showcase water project, the San Joaquin River Restoration Project, has run into an unanticipated problem of land subsidence ironically caused by the project diverting water from farmers. Fifteen percent of San Joaquin river water has been diverted from farmers to restore seasonal water flows during the late summer when the river runs dry. This water diversion would allow salmon to again swim up and down river to the spawning grounds and the ocean.

Farmers in another part of the San Joaquin Valley also lost water when the National Resources Defense Council’s bogus lawsuit to protect the smelt fish resulted in a court-ordered shut off of water for farmers from 2007 to 2010. Thus, farmers had to shift to using groundwater to keep crop production up and continue to pay off debts on their farm operations.

Sack Damn

Now it ends up that the pumping of deep groundwater under layers of clay soil has caused the ground surface to slump in the San Joaquin Valley. This subsidence has lowered the ground surface in the area of Sack Dam. Fish ladders and a system to lower and raise the dam so fish can pass through are planned as part of the San Joaquin River Restoration Project. Land subsidence lowers irrigation canals and thus reduces the amount of water that can be conveyed. In the interim, salmon have had to be captured and hauled upstream by biologists near Fresno until the fish ladders and dam lowering system can be re-designed.

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