Monday, December 10, 2012

Gun Owner Loses 2nd Amendment Case

I really feel sorry for this lady.  I hope she wins any appeals she might file.  We have a couple of firearms in the house and have them in combination vaults by our bedside.  A few pushes of the buttons and out pops the pistol.

Everyone should have the right to protect oneself.  I think she should move to Texas.
Pizzo challenged state laws that prohibit carrying weapons in public, and San Francisco ordinances making it illegal to discharge firearms in public.

Those discharge ordinances were amended in 2011 to remove references to firearms, and now prohibit only fireworks.

Pizzo also challenged state and county procedural requirements for applying for a concealed-carry weapon, and a county ordinance requiring handguns to be locked in an approved gun safe.

Pizzo said she wants to have a "readily accessible operable handgun ready for immediate use, loaded with proper ammunition, within my home for self-defense, on my person, and in my vehicle," but cannot do so without a concealed-carry permit.

"I will no longer go camping. I will no longer visit Texas unless I am issued a CCW permit," Pizzo said in her declaration.

She also wanted to be able to "use semi-jacketed hollow point ammunition that expands and fragments upon impact." She calls that ammunition better than "full metal jacket" ammo, which is more likely to ricochet and hurt innocent people.

The National Rifle Association filed an amicus brief in support of Pizzo's motion for summary judgment.

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