Sunday, December 16, 2012

How Do California's Fracking Regulations Compare to Other States'?

Not a lot of specifics...but maybe that's a good thing.  
Let’s go through some of the big issues when it comes to regulating fracking. The first is what chemicals companies are using in their fracking fluid. How are states handling disclosure?

One area where there’s kind of an emerging trend in one direction is with frack fluid disclosure. Not every state that has any shale gas operations requires fluid disclosure, and those states that do require it don’t always require the same thing. Some of the laws that are being passed in diff states are pretty similar, although they have different exceptions for things like trade secrets.

But there’s a lot of similarity here and it really seems like even in the past couple years the trend has been towards disclosure of these fracking fluids to the public. Part of that’s because either opponents of shale gas or proponents of more regulation for shale gas have really made this an issue that they’ve pushed hard. Also the industry has gotten on board: in a lot of states they’ve realized it’s in their interest to be open about what they’re doing, to help them back up their arguments that this activity is safe. So a consensus has developed around fluid disclosure.

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