Saturday, December 15, 2012

Long Beach hotel to lay off all workers

How could you not see this coming?  I'm sorry, but you people in Long Beach are the dumbest I've seen in my life! And the IDIOTS get mad at the manager.  Get mad at the people who voted for the fucking law!!
A week before a new minimum wage for Long Beach hotels goes into effect, a large, marina-area hotel has told all of its employees — 75 people — that they will be laid off, according to union representatives.

But in a confrontation with union activists at the hotel Friday, a man who identified himself as the manager of the 175-room Best Western Golden Sails denied that the ballot measure triggered the cuts, saying bad economic conditions were to blame.

When he walked away, the protesters followed him through the hotel chanting "Si se puede."
No he can't!  No he can't!  No he WON'T!

Earlier this month, the 140-room Hotel Current told employees it was scaling back to 99 rooms, putting it just beneath the threshold for the mandated wage increase. That change is not expected to result in job losses, union leaders said. Hotel managers could not be reached for comment.

Before election day, Long Beach business leaders warned of job losses if the union-backed living-wage push succeeded. But Measure N, the ordinance raising hotel workers' wages, won the approval of 64% of voters anyway.
So, the stupid unions couldn't negotiate a contract with $13 per hour wages so they use the force of LAW to get it done.  Look what that got you!!

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