Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mysterious 'Project Azalea' believed to be codename for Apple's US-based chip production partner

I think this is part of Apple's strategy to take back production from China and Korea.  We saw what hapened to Dell already with Asus stabbing them in the back.

Numerous reports have now pegged Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. as the likely company behind Project Azalea. TSMC has been rumored to take over mobile chip production for Apple's iPhone and iPad, pushing out the company's current supplier, Samsung.

Samsung now builds Apple's custom processors, like the A6 found in the iPhone 5 and A6X that powers the fourth-generation iPad, at a chip manufacturing plant in Austin, Tex. But Samsung is also Apple's chief rival, and fierce competition along with dozens of patent infringement lawsuits have driven a wedge between the two companies.

The prospect of Apple chips being produced in Oregon is also noteworthy because Apple is already committed to the state with a data center in Prineville. Construction on one of the center's two massive 338,000-square-foot buildings began in October.

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