Saturday, December 8, 2012

Please Stay in California

A friend of mine from CO blamed this on the CA'ians who escaped there only to transform CO into a "CA lite".
Having suddenly turned off my politeness governor, something like this came out of my mouth, “Well, welcome to Colorado. If you would like to avoid transforming your new home into the same dysfunctional mess that that you just abandoned, do us both a favor and dispense with exercising your right to vote.”

Their response was (I kid you not), “California’s economic troubles are the result of Proposition 13.” Back in the late 1970s, a citizen activist by the name of Howard Jarvis led this ballot measure that limited the state’s ability to mercilessly increase property taxes. The landslide passing of this citizen initiative saved the homes of many fixed-income residents. The skyrocketing value of California real estate had hurled property tax demands far beyond the retirement income of hundreds of thousands. Proposition 13 put an end to the gleeful seizing of property from countless, otherwise law-abiding elderly for delinquent property taxes by the State of California.

My two new neighbors are classic examples of the Observer Effect. That is, they modify the environment that they wish to experience by adding themselves to that environment. We all participate in contributing to the Observer Effect for wherever we choose to live. Only, some folks carry a measure of narcissism that negates any thought of assimilating into their new environment.
Over here in Texas we're afraid we're headed in that direction now because of the huge influx of people from Leftist states.

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