Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Long Road To Gun Control

So here we are.  A whack job lets loose a hail of unrelenting bullets on defenseless kids.  How could it be anything but a crazy guy?  The scenes are horrific and burned onto your brain.

But how did we get here?  How did we go from the Land of the Free to The Land of the Completely Controlled?

The disaster is so completely over the top that it's hard to stand there and make a case for NOT allowing gun control.  But...if we look we can see how this all came about.  And who do we thank for the situation?

The Federal Government.

Deinstitutionalization of the Mentally Ill
I remember the debate in the late 70s.  Actually, there was no debate.  By that time, the discussion was over. The insane asylums were being emptied.  A new model had been developed. Community Health Care was the buzz phrase at the time.

To me back then, I thought  the whole idea was, well, insane.  How did they think this would go well?  Let's read what Wikipedia has to say about Deinstitutionlization:
According to American psychiatrist Loren Mosher, most deinstitutionalization in the USA took place after 1972, as a result of the availability of SSI, long after the antipsychotic drugs were used universally in state hospitals.
So, now we see that the wide spread availability of SSI, supplemental income allowed the mentally ill to live outside the confines of an institution.  The institutions were emptied.  But was this a good thing?

We get a portrait from the news on Adam Lanza as a really messed up guy.  And I have to wonder if we had the mental institutions as they existed prior to 1972, would Adam Lanza have been in one of them?  If the Federal Government never had made SSI available, would these institutions still be around to house the ALs of the US?

But look at us now.  What's done is done.  The mentally ill are among us.  And now the insane Leftists think the answer is to take away our Right to Bear Arms.

Could the US Government had planned it any better?

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