Tuesday, January 8, 2013

California Dems Fight to Let Illegal Alien Criminals Loose

This is what cultural suicide looks like.

Meanwhile, in October, the Police Chief for the City of Los Angeles, Charlie Beck, issued his own directive. His officers would no longer turn over to authorities hundreds of illegal aliens his officers arrest every year on low-level offenses. Normally, they would be turned over for deportation.

LA County joins Santa Clara and San Francisco County’s as Counties in California that limit their cooperation with ICE detainers. In 2011, the Sheriff of San Francisco County issued a directive that the office reserved the right to review each detainer on a case-by-case basis and refuse any it deems directed at a non-violent individual.

In Santa Clara County, that county passed legislation similar to that of Cook County, where almost all detainers were ignored. Those charged with serious crimes were supposed to have their detainers honored, but ICE was still forced to do a sweep in December 2011 to round up sixty-three individuals including a child molester, suspected murderer, and drug dealer.

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