Friday, January 25, 2013

California governor urges budget restraint despite rebound

That's rich.  He's talking to a bunch of Democrats about spending restraint.  Government addicts.
Newly empowered to raise taxes and appropriate money after Democrats won a super majority in both houses of the legislature in November, some liberal lawmakers have expressed an eagerness to restore billions of dollars cut from health and welfare programs in recent years.

But rather than spend freely, California should make a concerted effort to pay down its large, accumulated debt and build up a fiscal reserve as a hedge against lean times in the future, Brown said.

"It's cruel to lead people on by expanding good programs, only to cut them back when the funding disappears," he said. "This isn't progress. It's not even progressive. It's an illusion. The stop and go, the boom and bust serves no one. We're not going back there."

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