Wednesday, January 30, 2013

California Needs to Be Back Bad-for-Business Label

At least the article fesses up to the problem.  It didn't start out that way, though.  There are a lot of gaping holes in the article - but I guess it's meant to be sort of upbeat.
Now is the time for our citizens, businesses and all our local governments to counter blitz bad propaganda and educate the world about us. California is the 9th highest economy in the world ahead of the country of Russia and behind Italy, reports the Sacramento Bee. Corporations who produce in California have instant access to this purchasing powerhouse right in its backyard.

L.A. and Long Beach have the two busiest container ports in the American continent, fueled by a hefty and still growing Asian trade. With China's behemoth export to U.S., majority of these containers are coming back empty to China. Made in America products Chinese crave can logistically shipped at a fraction of the cost.
The article is sort of propaganda itself.  For one thing, CA used to the worlds 8th largest economy.  But due to growth around the world and CA's inability to continue to grow (and shrank) it's dropped in the rankings.

Also, the article says it's corporate tax is  competitive.  Really?  This article ranks CA as the worst of the western states.

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