Monday, January 28, 2013

California Residents, Businesses Leaving State to Avoid High Taxes

The Left is so secure and content with the thought that the filthy rich who earn gobs of money would not even flinch when more of it is taken from them.  As usual, delusional. via Free Republic:
George Ashley, a tax accountant who lives and works just across the state line from California in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, noted that he has received over a hundred requests from individuals and businesses about the tax advantages they would receive if they moved from California to a state with a lower or no state income tax.

“We have had a 10-fold increase from various parts of California, particularly Los Angeles and the Bay Area where many people are seeking a way to leave the state,” said Ashley. “They are fed up with the situation and they feel like they are being unfairly treated.”


Many California residents are in fact now former residents, having already left the state as a result of the higher tax rate.

“It never stops,” noted one unnamed wealthy individual. “Pay a little more this year. Pay a little more pay here. Pay another business tax here. There is no end. So we decided to end it, and left.”

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