Wednesday, January 30, 2013

California unable to disarm 19,700 felons and mentally ill people

Look what all that money plowed into bloated pensions has done for you. 
The gun owners typically acquired the firearms legally, before being convicted of a felony or diagnosed with mental illness. Each year, the state investigates and seizes the guns of about 2,000 people on the Armed Prohibited Persons list, Lindley said, but each year about 3,000 names are added to the list.

"Despite our best efforts, the bureau does not have the funding or resources to keep up with this annual influx," he told the 15 assembled lawmakers.

The testimony showed how some of the state's strict gun laws have been undermined by California's budget problems. Lindley said it would cost $25 million to hire enough staff to clear the backlog within three years.
And yet, your government wants to enact even stricter gun control so YOU can't defend yourself against these nut cases.  Where is the logic in that?

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