Friday, January 11, 2013

Dewhurst wants state to train teachers on guns

Keep in mind, we just recently had children - CHILDREN slaughtered in a school designated as a GUN FREE ZONE.  What does that tell you we should do?  We should get RID of gun free zones and either have an armed guard or policeman on duty or a teacher or teachers should be armed.

So...what is the response to Dewhurst's idea?
"It is fairly obvious to the people of Texas that teachers need books - not guns - in the classrooms," Martinez Fischer said.

David Rider, the police chief for Fort Bend ISD, expressed reservations about equipping teachers with firearms. Like HISD, the district has armed police officers at its secondary campuses.

"It goes back to training," said Rider, the son of a school principal and counselor. "Right now, police officers are more qualified and have training for critical incidents, as opposed to the average citizen with a concealed handgun license."

Houston Police Department Chief Charles McClelland, asked last month about arming educators, echoed the difference between professional officers and citizens who have just fired at stationary targets.

"I hope our schools remain institutions of learning where kids go to be educated and they're safe and they're not turned into armed camps," he said. "That would be my desire." Chronicle reporter Mike Morris contributed.
I think that it is obvious that if armed guards are deployed, many would consider this a fair idea also.  But if budgets get cut....what then?

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