Saturday, January 5, 2013

Father of four in California makes his stand against LGBT agenda in classroom

Probably one of the most intelligent responses to the forced teaching of LGBT doctrine I've ever read.

“In our public schools, we want our children to learn math, music, science, English, art, American history and a foreign language or two,” Wasbin wrote, according to Patch. “That’s a lot, and that’s enough.”

“If someone has made an important contribution “ and that person happens to be classified as LGBT — then by all means, let’s teach our children about that person — but not because of that person’s sexual identity group,” Wasbin reportedly added. Wasbin suggested that the politicization of public school curricula could ultimately lead to consequences that would be undesirable for LBGT leaders.

“Today, the state political winds blow from the left; but tomorrow, they could blow from the right, and then our children may be forced to learn about the role and contributions of other groups, such as gun owners, death-penalty proponents and anti-abortion advocates. Do we really want to politicize public education like this?” Wasbin said, according to Patch.

In addition, Wasbin wants school district officials to provide details about how schools will implement the new law. His solution, according to his letter, is to introduce a voluntary course of LGBT study that could take place before or after school.
The Left NEVER thinks through their roughshod policies.

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