Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fracking Found Safe In New York; Let Revolution Begin

I got this link from  If you get a chance, check out their website.  According to Investments Business Daily, the State of New York has known for some time that fracking was safe but deep sixed the report.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo reportedly has been long aware of the February 2012 research compiled by state officials, who concluded that hydraulic fracturing could be performed safely in New York. Yet amid political pressure from the environmentalist lobby, he buried the findings. The report became public in recent days when a copy was leaked to a newspaper.

When Cuomo campaigned, he indicated he was open to approving the process, which has been shut down in New York since a 2008 moratorium. But he's apparently nervous about crossing those opposed to it.

We suggest Cuomo stiffen his spine. The benefits of fracking are phenomenal.
But I'm afraid they may be too late and will have to put off receiving any benefits from fracking.  A lot fo the drillers are losing their shirts having become victims of their success since natural gas is so very very cheap.  Drilling in NY will be slow in coming and will be spaced out.  So expect to hear complaining that they aren't benifiting like everyone promised.  But they will have only themselves to blame.

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