Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gourmet food business relocates from California to Reno after foie gras ban

CA, a death by a thousand cuts.
Reno could capitalize on a potential tourist draw because California has banned selling foie gras, and those who love the gourmet food are willing to travel here to get it, said Laurel Pine, owner and co-founder of Mirepoix USA.

Pine moved her one-woman, Napa Valley-based Internet business selling foie gras, truffles, caviar and other gourmet foods to Reno last year to avoid the ban that would have shut her down.

“If I had stayed in California, not only would I not be able to sell to Californians, I wouldn’t be able to sell to the rest of the United States,” she said.
Did you read that?  People are willing to travel outside of CA to SPEND MONEY.  Money that will no longer be spent within the boundaries of CA.

There was a foie gras farm in CA....but it laid off its 40 person staff due to the ban.  The owners are looking to reopen in another state.

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