Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mark Mills: California Could Be the Next Shale Boom State

For the State Government it's good news.  For the little guy, it's terrible news.  Oh yes, it means a lot of good paying jobs.  And believe me, that's wonderful.   But in the end, more money for the Government Addicts is not good.  There is no sating their ravenous appetite for money, money, money.  It's like putting a meth addict onboard a boad made out of meth crystals.  Once he's devoured the boat, he'll drown and die.  The CA government knows no retraint and no bounds.

Do the math: The overall economic benefits of opening up the Monterey shale field could reach $1 trillion. One can only imagine the impact on California's education system, social programs, infrastructure, and even energy-tech R&D. Moreover, with that kind of revenue, Sacramento tax collections could wipe out debt and deficits
The last thing you want is CA government to get bigger and stronger.

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