Monday, January 28, 2013

Moderate Michael Rubio takes on California's environmental law

Glad someone is looking into this.  Some of the law suits blocking green projects have just been dumb.
The offensive on CEQA is the culmination of years of complaints from developers and other critics who say the law is being misused to block projects for reasons other than environmental harm. Arguments that such lawsuits, and even the threat of litigation, are problematic and hurt economic development gained traction in the down economy, prompting lawmakers to approve exemptions for projects including a new football stadium in Los Angeles.

Many of the law's supporters, however, say it doesn't need to be changed significantly. They point out that the percentage of projects sued under CEQA is small – about 1 percent by one analysis – and argue the law continues to provide important protections.
Funny, though how they refer to Rubio as "moderate".  

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