Thursday, January 24, 2013

Obama Successfully Kills Off Another 3,900 Jobs at Texas Power Plant

Either O'Bama is the biggest idiot that ever sat in the White House or he is carrying out his plan to disassemble the USA just as he planned it.  But one thing is obvious:  He doesn't give a SHIT about people and especially working people.
Freysinger made it very clear who was responsible for the projects death. “The (Las Brisas Energy Center) is a victim of EPA’s concerted effort to stifle solid-fuel energy facilities in the U.S., including EPA’s carbon-permitting requirements and EPA’s New Source Performance Standards for new power plants,” he said.

The Las Brisas power plant had been part of a larger Las Brisas Energy Center project planned for Corpus Christi’s Inner Harbor. Economists had projected that in the first 5 years of construction and operation the project would create as 1,300 direct and 2,600 indirect jobs. Now none of those jobs will exist.

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