Saturday, January 19, 2013

Should We Arm America’s Teachers? California State Senator Leland Yee and author Suzanna Hupp debate the state’s gun laws.

An embarrassing interview with Rep Yee.

Fox News videos don't embed properly.  Below is a small clip.  But you should watch the whole thing on Fox News/Stossel website.  It's amazing.


So, who is right with the numbers?  It depends on the year.  Here is the comparison of murders per 100,000:

From the chart we can see that overall, CA and TX have shown improvement in murders over the years regardless of the laws on the books.  of the past 16 years, CA has had a higher murder rate in 13 of those years.  But... this is the murder rate.  What about those perpetrated by firearms?  How do they compare?

The info is a little more difficult to come by, so if anyone has historical data, I'd appreciate it.  In the meantime the data for 2011 was as follows:
Per 100,000, the murder rate with firearms in CA was 3.25
Per 100,000, the murder rate with firearms in TX was 2.91

I got this data from the Democratic Underground.

I could go on from here, but the data is more scattered as we try to see how firearm crimes fit in the context of violent crimes in general.

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