Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Team of Ex-NASA Scientists Concludes No Imminent Threat from Man-Made CO2

Watts Up With That blog has a good summary of the disgruntled ex-employees of NASA.
1. The science of what is causing global climate change or warming is clearly not settled and never has been.

2. There is no convincing physical evidence to support the man-made climate change hypothesis. The standard test of a hypothesis is whether it is supported by real observations, which seems to have been ignored by climate alarmists.

3. Claims made by proponents of catastrophic man-made warming are dominantly supported by non-validated computer models and the output of these models should not be relied upon by policy-makers. Some TRCS team members have been making critical decisions using complex computer models for decades.

4. There is no immediate threat of catastrophic global warming even if some warming occurs. The sea level is not going to suddenly begin a steep acceleration of its 18,000-year rate of rise. Global sea level rise is not currently accelerating despite what climate change alarmists claim. 
There's more. Check it out.  There is also some mention about the "greening" that has occurred in the world due to the rise in CO2.  I'd like to check into that.

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