Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tesla’s Fremont Plant in California Runs at Full Capacity

This is really impressive:
Tesla’s Fremont plant, in California, currently runs at its full capacity, manufacturing 20,000 vehicles per year.

Although it took some time until Tesla began production of its Model S, now the plant were the model is produced runs at full capacity, extending the waiting time for the car to four or even six months, depending on the content, according to Jerome Guillen, the company’s director of Model S programs.
But...you have to wonder who buys these.  They are very expensive.  According to their website they can range in price from $52K to $87K.  The performance model looks sweet!

I'm all for electric cars, but I don't want tax credits given out to the rich just so they can buy this car.  You guys are taxing the rich more in CA.  Then you turn around and give them a tax credit??  This all smacks of welfare for the rich.  And I don't think Ca'ians are for that.

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