Saturday, January 19, 2013

Why We Should Continue to Fight

Link via  So, if I read this right, CA regulations on diesel trucks will end up being adopted by other states? I think this will bring the end of the trucking industry.
This is why we can’t just forget all the reasons behind our litigation and let CARB and EPA keep taking our equipment based on junk “science” claims. The statement below succinctlyexplains what we are facing and why we should not let this happen. We have continually exposed the fraud and corruption within the academic and public agency health community and their “science” that is the justification behind this government taking of our once-valuable equipment; it defines our struggle:

“The Clean Air Act charges the EPA with setting air pollution health standards and subsequent enforcement of those standards. But this means that federal and state regulators decide when their own jobs are finished as those standards are met. Not surprisingly, no matter how clean the air,the EPA and CARB continues to find ‘unacceptable risks.’ The EPA and state regulators’ powers and budgets, as well as most environmental groups like the NRDC, depend on a continued public perception that there is a serious problem to solve with our air and environment. These same regulators are the major funders of the health effects research intended to demonstrate the need for more regulation. They provide millions of dollars (public funds) each year to environmental groups and unfortunately, corrupt academic researchers who then use the money to augment public fear of every imaginable pollutant (real or not) and then seek increases in regulators’ powers – especially through our court system. These conflicts of interest largely explain the ubiquitous exaggeration of air pollution levels and risks, even asair quality and related public health has dramatically improved.”

We firmly believe, as this statement accurately explains, there will never be an end to claimsof “unacceptable” health effects, environmental risks and unsubstantiated claims of premature deaths, evenif diesel engines are 100% clean. The “science” behind all of this has beenpropagated in secret; some by a CARB employee who lied about his academic credentials, the underlying report data was never allowed to be examined by objective third-party reviewers and is now mostly propaganda perpetuating a huge deception – a deception that now threatens the existence of many small business owners, many of which are minorities within the transportation industry.

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