Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bill O'Reilly: A tale of two Americas, California and Texas

O'Reilly speaks.  This is a little old...ish.  Back in November last year.

In Texas, the government does not believe that redistributing income is its responsibility. Also it does not believe that it should micromanage the lives of its citizens. If you are dumb enough to ride a motorcycle without a helmet and you wind up in a cemetery it's your call. Trust me nobody is banning 16-ounce soft drinks in Waco. Again it goes back to everybody who has a gun.

In California, and the federal government -- if California and the federal government, I should say, continue to spending at the rate they're spending both will go bankrupt before Barack Obama leaves office and that's the truth. But now there's a very ominous new tax scheme bubbling under the surface, so-called wealth tax. In France, Spain, Iceland, and Switzerland they tax the net worth of wealthy people every year. It doesn't matter if you earn anything, or if you get income or dividends, it doesn't matter. If you have assets -- house, gold, car, whatever -- those governments are going to take some of that. Uber liberals in America want to do the same thing.

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