Tuesday, February 19, 2013

California vs. Texas

From the Independence Title Company
It’s hard not to compare California and Texas against each other. Both states are geographically large, coastal, resource-rich, ethnically diverse, and are the #1 and #2 states in both population and GDP. However, the states differ greatly in culture, government, and political and business climate.

Much has been made throughout the Great Recession of the strength of Texas over California. Texans have been crowing about the strength of their economy in comparison to California’s weaknesses. Even though California has been adding jobs lately, its 9.8 percent unemployment rate is sharply higher than Texas’s 6.1 percent rate (that disparity has been true before and through the recession). The Texas economy slid just 1.5 percent in 2009 – the depth of the recession – while California’s dropped 2.2 percent and continued to struggle up to this year. Many would put the blame on California’s “anti-business” attitude.

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