Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dynegy power plant blown up in southern California

Sheer idiocy.  At first I thought it was an old coal burning plant that they demolished.  It was an old oil burning plant converted to NATURAL GAS.  Why is this important?  It's important because the wingnuts in CA need SOMETHING to back up the solar and wind farms when there is neither to supply power to the grid.   The default is natural gas.

So, I'm not getting all the hate. Envronmentalists wanted it demolished because...why? What is polluting the waters?  Was it belching out mercury? No!  They wanted it destroyed because it was an EYESORE.  Since when did eyesores poison the earth?

Often criticized by environmentalists as an eyesore, the plant was built in the late 1950s at the edge of an expanse of wetlands adjacent to the bay.

Like other plants along the California Coast, it burned oil when it was first fired up in 1960. It later converted to natural gas, according to Laura Hunter of the Environmental Health Coalition.

"This is a symbol of the past way of generating power which we know now is not sustainable," Hunter said. "There's no better symbol for what we're learning about how to live on this planet than that where a power plant stood, a park and open space will be built," she said.
Babe, your PV and wind are not sustainable.  If it were sustainable you wouldn't need backup natural gas plants.

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