Friday, February 8, 2013

I Built That

All I can say is I wish I had written this before the election.  I need to re-record this.  I'm flat in a few places.  I don't have my pop screen anymore. Everytime I would record I would puff out air at all the "p's".   I had to re-record about 30 times.  I almost gave up, it was so annoying.  But the song is "listenable" if there is such a word.

The farmer in the song typifies the American.

I Built That | Muziboo
I live in the backwoods,
Some hunnerd-odd acres.
We shook hands.
No other takers.

With jagged rocks
as big as mule
With trees so thick
So tall and deep.

Men shook their heads
They called me fool
But I just smiled
’cause I got it cheap.

I faced the sun
surveyed what’s mine
I chopped down trees
And yanked up vine.

Smashed at stones
and rolled out rocks.
But it was mine
Barrel and stock

Hands bled raw
Sweat would gleam
It was all uphill….
Or so it seemed.

I plowed the ground
And planted corn.
I put up fence,
pulled weed and thorn.

I built a barn,
A small house, too.
There is nothing.
Nothing I’d rather do.

I built that.
I built that.
Ain’t no one else but my God and me.

I built that.
Brains and hands!
Turned this worthless piece of rocky land
To a place I call my home.

And some sweet day
God calls to me.
Stand by grave.
Give eulogy

And tell the world
when I was free
To build that.
To live that.
To be what I wanted to be

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