Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oyster Farm in California Gets a Reprieve

Thank God!  I just couldn't believe this when I first read this.  What a crock it was.  I covered this several months ago.
In granting the emergency injunction, the court said there were “serious legal questions” about the Interior Department’s refusal to renew the company’s lease at the park. It also said that “the balance of hardships tips sharply” in favor of the farm, which has about 30 workers.

“We’re thrilled we now have the opportunity to sort out the facts,” said the farm’s owner, Kevin Lunny. “We’re optimistic we’ll be able to save these jobs and the farm.”

The reprieve was the latest twist in a long battle pitting wilderness advocates against supporters of the farm, which is the source of about 40 percent of California’s oysters and a contributor to the area’s booming food and wine industries.

The farm’s 40-year lease to operate in Point Reyes, which was turned into a park in 1962 and parts of which Congress later mandated be designated as wilderness, expired last year. In November, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar ended the lease as originally planned so the area could be returned to wilderness status, pleasing environmental groups like the Sierra Club.
Ken Salazar was an ass hole.

Blogging is still light until things settle down a little more here.

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