Saturday, February 2, 2013

Steven Greenhut: California a model for other states?

Fat chance I would want to follow their model.
Despite the governor's nod to holding the line on spending, this new political dynamic is dependent on the things progressives have been unwilling to do: control their appetite for increasing the size of government, limit the demands of labor unions and restrict their desire to tax businesses into oblivion (or, to Nevada). Think, for example, about the governor's high-speed-rail plan.

Instead of pulling California back from the brink, the most-recent election may wind up sending the state in the other direction. I do agree with Brown and the New Republic that other states ought to pay attention to what's happening here. And their response should be to fight it.
So what model would I want to follow?  That's easy!  The one that leaves more money in my pocket!

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