Monday, February 25, 2013


Oh.  OK.  So we can now have students wear crosses and carry bibles.  Then have some wear a nun habit, etc.  All in the name of helping them see what it's like.

Can you imagine the outrage if we did that? But burkas are ok?  Nary a teacher raised a stink??  This CSOPE is an abomination.

One student quoted the teacher as saying, “We are going to work to change your perception of Islam.”

The teacher in the burqa lesson, according to a student, also said, “I do not necessarily agree with this, but I am supposed to teach you that we are not to call these people terrorists anymore, but freedom fighters.”

Critics argue that this should not be a teacher’s role, and are concerned that CSCOPE curriculum appears agenda-driven.

According to a student in the class, the lesson was to teach about the life of women in Islam. The burqa exercise focused on fashion and did not include the fact that to be in public without a burqa in many Muslim countries is punishable by death.

At the end of class, the students were assigned to write a paper about Egypt. According to one student, they were instructed to discuss “how Egypt was a good country until democracy took over, and that things were finally corrected when the Muslim brotherhood came into power.”

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