Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Belmont Club: The Dorner Manifesto

Probably one of the most amazing essays written as an analysis of the Dorner Phenomenon.  What Dorner was faced with was the corrosive interface of the Law written on our hearts and the Law written by Man.

Others have written about how the old ideas of what is right have been replaced with new ideas as to what is right.  The only problem with the new ideas is that they are not written on our hearts.
Hanson hit the problem squarely on the head. His piece on falsity, written before the Dorner manhunt, anticipates many of its weak points admirably.

Our elites in academia and the media have some culpability. Thirty years of nihilist postmodern relativism — no absolute truth, just constructs based on race, class, and gender privilege — have finally filtered down to the popular culture. An obsession with celebrity also has meant that we increasingly worship the antics of the wealthy and famous and decreasingly worry what they had to do to obtain or maintain both.
In the new progressive age, the exalted ends of equality sometimes require that the means of achieving a place on the public stage should remained largely unexamined. If there is no consistency, no transparency, no absolute standard, then it is because the task of fairness is hard and occasionally requires extraordinary sacrifices for the greater good. And to the degree that someone is deemed cool, then cool trumps most everything else: Google executives don’t outsource. Rappers are not misogynists. Green apostles don’t have conflicts of interest. And men in camouflage with assault weapons don’t just kill less than 1 percent of those Americans lost each year to gun violence, but account for all sorts of vastly more evil things that we cannot even begin to describe.

This is not the world as it is. It is the world as the media pretends that it is. And we are dying inside that world. It is founded on maintenance lies. It is extended by capital investment ones, as in “never let a crisis go to waste”. Now we and the public enemies exist in that corrosive context. The elite has poisoned the chalice. And now it is drinking from the poisoned cup itself.

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