Sunday, March 3, 2013

Halifax Co. Elementary School Students Suspended Over "Shooters"

Beyond the pail... or is it pale?  The pellets in question were...plastic.  Put out an eye?  I don't think so...
There were 15 kids involved on the bus.  Seems that this would be enough of a reason to suspend the kids for being involved in the melee.  Could be the pea shooters are just a convenient excuse.

Meadville Elementary School Principal Marliss Barczak says students used hollowed out markers and pens to shoot air gun pellets on the playground and even on the school bus.

One of those pellets hit a school bus driver.

The driver told Barczak and she handed down 15 suspensions.

"There could have been an accident. Someone could have lost an eye. I wanted to make it perfectly clear that we would not tolerate that, " said Barczak.

But the parents of some of those students are saying that punishment is too harsh.

"I don't consider it a weapon. I spit spitballs as well when I was a child. It's a child's game, " said parent Deanna Simmers.

Amy and Aaron Fisher say their son is an honor roll student who had never been in trouble before. - ABC13

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