Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lancaster, California: Solar Panels On All Homes Will Be Required By 2014

I'm all for PV cells on my roof.  I would love to have them but I live in a townhouse with trees.  But I would never FORCE anyone to have to use them.  

There aren't many ideas I can think of that would price houses out of the affordability range than requiring that they all have solar cells.

The requirement that all new homes must be equipped with solar systems will be written into Lancaster’s “Residential Zones Update.” Reads a draft of the update: "The purpose of the solar energy system standards is to encourage investment in solar energy on all parcels in the city, while providing guidelines for the installation of those systems that are consistent with the architectural and building standards of the City."

Specifically, all newly built single-family family homes on lots larger than 7,000-square-feet must have a 1kW to 1.5 kW system. The minimum for rural homes on lots greater than 100,00-square-feet is 1.5 kW.

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